Digital Distribution

As distributor, Kuroneko supports the whole relationship with digital retailers (iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon...). In this way, you represent a much stronger financial weight and you benefit from attractive rates negotiated for the network.

Physical Distribution

Difficult to deal with it for independent labels, the physical distribution has multiple constraints (new purchasing habits, artists’ reputation and success, budgets, etc.). Kuroneko helps you to decide on the relevance of the channels and optimizes the distribution terms (prices, deadlines, quantity) in all retail stores: from local stores to FNAC and supermarkets.

Vinyls and CDs manufacturing + logistics (shipping)

Alone, you have no leverage for negotiating your manufacturing solutions. Thanks to the volume handled by Kuroneko, we offer you with our supplier, the best price terms, but also the highest quality, as well as an efficient delivery and stock management. Mastering, pressing, computer-assisted production, packaging, packing and shipping, you entirely master this crucial aspect of your business sector.

Assistance in the preparation of subsidies

To receive subsidies, you no longer have to worry about anything. As an advisor and authorize representative, Kuroneko manages everything for you, from the registration to the application. You save time and you benefit from the most effective solutions for an optimal financing.